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Patent ID: CN200910044123.4

Motion tiny throw an air-parameter measurement method and system

Description: A tiny airborne dispersal Motion measurement methods and systems, the steps of: (1) by three-axis micro-gyroscope, three-axis micro-micro measuring triaxial accelerometer and micro-magnetometers constructed unit is installed on the throw objects Measure and record the time to throw things into the ground after a throw from a stationary sensor data over time; (2) a stationary position after landing throw objects as opposed to the initial position, throw things on the floor after a stationary sensor data over time is calculated afford to throw things after landing a stationary posture and triaxial micro gyro bias; (3) to throw things during the flight records triaxial gyroscope and three-axis micro-micro-accelerometer data, inertial navigation method using inverse time to get to throw things Throughout the flight, real-time motion parameters. A measuring unit measuring system includes a micro, a nonvolatile memory, and an embedded processor. The invention has simple and compact structure, simple in principle, high accuracy, good reliability, strong anti-interference ability and so on.

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DOI: G01C21 / 18 (2006.01) I; G01C21 / 08 (2006.01) I