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Patent ID: CN200910049641.5

A boron-doped diamond substrate on the growth of three-dimensional mesh upright method of precious metal nanosheets

Description: A method for preparing doped grow upright three-dimensional net precious metal nanosheets boron diamond substrate, when the first use of electrodeposition in an electrochemical hydrogen technology in the boron-doped diamond thin film surface of the base material of the bubble dynamics as a template to obtain upright three-dimensional network of nano metal sheet; then, in the course of a chemical method using a three-dimensional network-shaped upright sheet metal nanoparticles as a template, by substitution reaction, the use of the expensive noble metal replacement upright three-dimensional network of metal nano-sheets so as to obtain a boron-doped diamond thin film on the upright three-dimensional network of nano noble metal film. According to this special structure of the present invention can not only obtain the full advantage of the boron-doped diamond, and the network can greatly improve the nanostructure and the active reaction surface area effective to promote molecular diffusion of the noble metal in the bore of the pipe. This special combination of the type of material on both the morphology and structure of the working electrode to ensure that the obtained high electrochemical performance.

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DOI: C25D7 / 00 (2006.01) I; C25D3 / 22 (2006.01) I; C25D11 / 02 (2006.01) I