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Patent ID: CN200910084510.0

A method of containing the FE-SI-B based amorphous coating on the aluminum alloy matrix was prepared

Description: A method of containing Fe-Si-B based amorphous coatings were prepared on an aluminum alloy substrate, the amorphous part of the field of coating technology. Using direct heating or shock explosive sheet having an amorphous component, the use of electric and electric explosion of the ultra-high temperature instantaneous explosion sheet having an amorphous composition is heated to a temperature above the melting point and the alloy melt was 3000-5000m / s ultra high-speed ejection from the lance outlet to the substrate surface by the self-chilling effect of the aluminum alloy matrix, to form Fe-Si-B-based amorphous phase having a metallurgical bonding of the coating.Advantage that solves the technical difficulties of the existing thermal spray technology is not easy preparation of amorphous alloy coating on aluminum alloy matrix, low cost, easy operation, the coating and the substrate to achieve metallurgical bonding, large coating thickness.

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DOI: C23C4 / 06 (2006.01) I; C23C4 / 12 (2006.01) I