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Patent ID: CN200910086174.3

Pink heart and the preparation method of high temperature wire thermocouple protection tubes for cladding

Description: Pink heart wire and a preparation method for high temperature thermocouple protection tube cladding, belonging to the technical field of surface engineering.Cored wire of the mixed powder from Mo, Si, Al, ZrO2, Ni composition, the components by weight in the range of: Mo:. 30-44.1wt%, Si: 17.6-26%, Al: 14.5-22%, ZrO2: 0-2%, Ni: the balance; the above powder, Mo and Si in a weight ratio range of 1.69-1.71; using a nickel foil for wrapping the composite powder of the cored wire is formed. The percentage weight of the composite powder cored wire for 85-86% share of the use cored wire welding gun in the outer protective cladding tube substrate surface.Advantage is that, to avoid thermal shock resistance of ceramic material shortcomings of poor, has good thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance and other advantages.Cladding layer of the present invention is prepared by oxidation temperature up to 1300 ℃, its room temperature hardness up 900-1100HV.

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