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Patent ID: CN200910087733.2

Filter bag and its production method for fiber analysis

Description: A method of manufacturing filter bags and fiber analysis are used, a filter bag for fiber analysis using a polypropylene melt-blown microfiber material having a U-shaped three-dimensional structure for the pouch of a pouch-like opening, wherein the inter- a sample loading portion is formed in the space; the fineness of the fibers of the melt-blown polypropylene microfiber material is less than 4ΜM, filtration efficiency is greater than 99%, the resistance is less than 7PA, thickness 0.28 ± 0.03MM, predetermined volume of 55-60G / M2. The invention has the acid, alkali, heat (110 ℃), no post-combustion ash, nitrogen-free, high filtration efficiency, convenience securely sealed heat sealing machine available, suitable for feed crude fiber, neutral detergent fiber, Determination of acid detergent fiber.

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DOI: B01D39 / 16 (2006.01) I; B01D29 / 27 (2006.01) I