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Patent ID: CN200910091602.1

Situ reaction synthesis TiCx particles reinforced nickel-based composite method

Description: An in-situ Reaction Synthesis TiCx particles reinforced nickel-based composites, belonging to the field of composite materials. Preparation process comprising: preparing a mixed powder: the powder material by the Ti, C, Al, Fe, Mo, of which, Al powder:. 8-12wt%, Fe powder:. 12-15wt%, Mo powder: 3-5wt. % of graphite powder C: 8-12wt%, the balance being Ti powder, the Ti powder and C powder, the weight ratio of the weight of the powder to be fulfilled (5-6.7) :1 relationship; Preparation of Powder of the chip: the Ni foil roll 16-25mm of diameter cylinder into a mixed powder poured milling after mixing in the cylinder; melting and casting process: the use of medium frequency induction melting furnace vacuum preparation TiCx / Ni composites.Advantageously, prepared TiCx volume fraction of 20-40% of TiCx / Ni composites; density close to 100%, high-temperature strength, hardness was significantly higher than conventional nickel-base superalloys.

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DOI: C22C1 / 02 (2006.01) I; C22C19 / 03 (2006.01) I; C22C32 / 00 (2006.01) I