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Patent ID: CN200910092483.1

Preparation of a composite metal armor plate - a metal ceramic cladding

Description: A ceramic cladding layer of metal - metal prepared a composite armor plate, belonging to the technical field of surface engineering. Preparation process comprising: preparing cermet cladding layer of powder materials, preparation cored wire, preparing a metal-ceramic composite armor plate cladding layer. Advantage is that you can use an operating current of 200-400A of tungsten DC plasma arc equipment for cladding, by repeating the cladding, make ceramic-metal composite armor plate cladding thickness of 5-12mm, low-ceramic cladding top phase content, high content of ceramic phase and the underlying substrate with a ceramic surface diffusion layer at the components. Further, the preparation process is relatively simple, easy to control process parameters, and low cost.

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DOI: B02C17 / 00 (2006.01) I; B23K35 / 40 (2006.01) I; B23K103 / 16 (2006.01) N