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Patent ID: CN200910111815.6

A microscopic algae extraction method of image contours

Description: A microscopic image of the contour extraction method of algae, and to a method of image processing and the image segmentation, and more particularly to a unique algae by a peripheral contour feature to be extracted from the cells in the background environment in the slide way to Identification and analysis of the follow-up to its favor. Providing a microscopic algae image contour extraction method for the automatic identification system of the algae to provide an effective contour extraction means. Get algae microscopic images of microscopic algae gray-scale image processing, algae, microscopic images obtained cumulative histogram; set algae image area and the bright dark outline contour area; Get concurrently with dark and bright contour area contour area adjacent overlapping area; remove impurities and noise markers, repair glitches and notch contour, contour final frond obtain peripheral cells.

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DOI: G06K9 / 46 (2006.01) I