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Patent ID: CN200910181673.0

One kind of other processes compatible with CM pressure sensor and its preparation process

Description: An other process compatible with CM pressure sensors, including glass, bonded on a glass substrate of silicon, a silicon oxide on the substrate layer, characterized in that the silicon substrate under the capacitor plates is provided, the lower capacitor plate with a vacuum chamber below the closure, is provided on the oxide layer is provided between the sixth capacitor plates, the lower, the capacitance of the capacitor plates a gap in the capacitor gap between the capacitor plates is provided with holes communicating corrosion lower capacitor plate is implemented by a metal lead wire, lead plate, the through-hole. Was prepared as follows: First, the structure of layers and leads CM with other standard techniques required for the preparation of the pressure sensor, and then use a slow-release wet etching solution of hydrofluoric acid to remove the oxide layer between the lower capacitor plates to form the capacitor gap, then tetramethyl alkanolamine solution on the back surface of silicon substrate dig cavity to release the lower capacitor plates, and finally, the back surface of the silicon substrate by vacuum PYREX7740 glass anodic bonding, forming a vacuum sealed cavity.

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DOI: G01L9 / 12 (2006.01) I