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Patent ID: CN200910219989.4

A water purification biomimetic photocatalytic membrane assembly for

Description: A method for purifying water biomimetic photocatalytic membrane components, are membrane separation, photocatalytic materials and water treatment technology.The purpose of the present invention is to simulate plant leaves and plant morphology, preparation of photocatalytic membranes, membrane space to make use of reasonable, flexible structure, are more susceptible to disturbance of the flow stream and reduce contaminants deposited on the membrane surface, and make full use of light, improve the utilization of light. Characterized by the use of fractal characteristics of plant leaves produce biomimetic membrane structure using tree branches and biomimetic principles, assembled biomimetic membrane, so that the components improved light utilization; flexible membrane structure is conducive to reducing the use of air flow disturbances deposition of contaminants to prevent catalyst deactivation. Effects and benefits of the present invention are: to provide a method for preparing a novel biomimetic photocatalytic membrane separation membrane module assembly and use of the efficient photocatalytic membrane separation method for the purification of water pollutants.Widely used in the photocatalytic removal of contaminants and water purification.

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DOI: B01D69 / 02 (2006.01) I; C02F1 / 30 (2006.01) I; C02F1 / 42 (2006.01) I