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Patent ID: CN200910228858.2

Fiber grating temperature sensor implantation method clothing

Description: An intelligent clothing to detect body temperature fiber grating temperature sensor method for implanting clothing, belonging to the technical field of smart clothing. Existing conventional electric class temperature sensor electromagnetic interference susceptible to outside influence, and the use of FBG sensors to detect the presence of body temperature brittle, susceptible to external stress. The present invention proposes to put fiber grating temperature sensors implanted in the fabric, but does not damage the fibers and sensors, not bent, and to ensure a coordinated campaign with the warp and weft fabric, bassoon and weaving method uses a combination of a small tube. The present invention is suitable to study the method of knitting the fiber grating in order to improve its success rate during implantation to avoid breaking the optical fiber grating more types of sensors implanted in the smart clothing provides guidance methods.

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DOI: A41D1 / 00 (2006.01) I; A61B5 / 01 (2006.01) I