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Patent ID: CN200910243705.5

Guarantee the authenticity of the source address of an enhanced token update method

Description: A method of enhancing the protection of the authenticity of the source address of the token update method by the access router periodically table is updated so that the access request to the server according to the

table access address sequentially assign a new token, wherein the token is an access router to update the initiator, the access server is a new token is generated by the terminal is the recipient of a new token. The method according to the present invention, an access router periodically from the to give a terminal access to the address table, the access router by sending a request to access the server, the access server according to claim the access terminal address table corresponding to the new token is sequentially allocated, then the access router transmits the token update instruction to the terminal to notify the terminal regularly updates the token, so that a malicious terminal token cracking process become meaningless.

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DOI: H04L29 / 06 (2006.01) I; H04L29 / 12 (2006.01) I; H04L12 / 56 (2006.01) I