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Patent ID: CN200910250242.5

One kind of hollow columns bulk grain warehouse buildings

Description: A building used to store bulk food stores, including warehouse bottom, warehouse wall, the interlayer warehouse floor, warehouse roof, beams, columns, vertical transportation equipment, multi-point discharge conveyor equipment, warehousing and distribution warehouse slide chute tube; wherein said hollow pillar structure as food warehousing channel. Thus, the vertical transportation equipment provided at the ends of the building warehouses for vertical lifting of grain, the grain delivered to the warehouse roof, multi-point discharge conveyor equipment fixed in the warehouse roof, connected to one end of the tube slide warehousing distribution, warehousing distribution The other end is connected to the slide tube has a hollow column section through the hollow column of grain warehousing, the warehouse is set in the interlayer slip tube at the warehouse floor and penetrate the warehouse wall, most of the food available from the outflow positions, combined with the rest using blowers gravity pipeline warehouse.Achieving food Jincang hollow column, the structure combined with the intake of organic food technology, greatly speeding up the construction speed, but not only can reduce the structural weight, reduce project cost structure, but it will save the cost of feed grain processing equipment.

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DOI: E04H7 / 22 (2006.01) I