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Patent ID: CN200910250708.1

One kind of bulk grain warehouse buildings

Description: A building used to store bulk food stores, including warehouse bottom, warehouse wall, the interlayer warehouse floor, warehouse roof, beams, columns, vertical transportation equipment, multi-point discharge conveyor equipment, warehousing and distribution warehouse slide chute tube; wherein the vertical transportation equipment provided at the ends of the building warehouses for vertical lifting of grain, the grain delivered to the warehouse roof, multi-point discharge conveyor equipment in the warehouse roof fixed, and warehousing and distribution chute connected to food through warehousing distribution warehouses across the floor between the layers slip tube warehousing, warehouse chute provided at bay floor and penetrate the interlayer at the warehouse wall, most of the food available from the outflow positions, the rest of blowers combined gravity pipe out warehouse. Use in bulk grain storage warehouse buildings can be stored in the original packaging food reserved space (such as lifts, passage between food stamp, food stamp and the wall between the channels, etc.) used to store bulk food, greatly increased the storage capacity utilization; use in bulk grain storage warehouse buildings, due to the effect of grain granular body energy during an earthquake loads, making the bulk grain warehouse buildings with better seismic capacity; use in bulk grain storage warehouse buildings, conducive to the realization of food scattered jobs, not only remove the packaging of food in the circulation process need to manually bagging, unloading bags of processes, reducing labor costs, while saving packaging, saving resources, more conducive to improving the efficiency of food transport.

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DOI: E04H7 / 22 (2006.01) I; E04H7 / 26 (2006.01) I