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Patent ID: CN200910272824.3

Fish habitat velocity experimental methods and apparatus for determining the suitability of the curve

Description: An experimental method for fish habitat suitability curve to determine the flow rate, which is constructing the annular channel width of the gradient of the tank body, formed in the annular channel flow velocity gradient of the state, after stocking the experimental fish, fish by observing the experiment at different flow rates growth zone to establish the suitability of fish habitat velocity curve. A fish habitat adaptation curve to determine the flow rate of the apparatus, including the tank body, the tank body has a partition wall, the partition wall side of the extension line of the tank body showed a certain angle, the partition wall separating the body region into the annular tank channel, the annular channel power unit is mounted at one end, the wall of the tank body has a slot compatible with the activity block. The present invention provides fish habitat experimental method and apparatus for adaptive velocity curve determined accurately and quickly provide fish habitat suitability velocity curve method step is simple, easy operation and low cost.

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DOI: A01K61 / 00 (2006.01) I