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Patent ID: CN200910302856.3

An in-situ particle reinforced magnesium matrix composites electromagnetic / ultrasonic preparation method

Description: An in-situ particulate reinforced magnesium matrix composites electromagnetic / ultrasonic preparation method, belonging to the field of metallurgy, discloses a method based composite material was prepared by electromagnetic continuous casting technology of magnesium. Characterized by micro-alloying elements added smelting CA, RE Y, rare earth magnesium-based melt CE; select AL-TI-C or AL-TI-B enhancement system, using self-propagating high-temperature synthesis in situ synthesis of particles containing enhanced magnesium matrix composite melt, the melt of magnesium matrix composites applied electromagnetic / ultrasonic composite stirring; and finally the use of continuous casting process will melt casting magnesium matrix composites molding, and applying electromagnetic and ultrasonic fields within the scope of the mold, to get Multiphase reinforced magnesium matrix composite slab. Effects and benefits of the present invention is a composite self-propagating reaction with electromagnetic continuous casting technology, ultrasonic technology organically integrated to obtain smooth surface, particulate reinforced with uniformly distributed in the matrix, reinforcement and matrix with good magnesium-based composite materials billet, simple preparation process.

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DOI: C22C23 / 00 (2006.01) I; C22C1 / 02 (2006.01) I; B22D11 / 115 (2006.01) I