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Patent ID: CN201010100922.1

A method for preparing a composite of carbon dioxide in the flue gas absorbent for the removal of

Description: A preparation method for the removal of CO2 in flue gas absorbent composite, wherein the CO2 absorber mass composition of 50 ~ 75% CaO, 10 ~ 35% Al2O3,10 ~ 25% MgO. Its preparation method, the soluble calcium, aluminum, magnesium and carbonate solution, the precipitate solution are mixed, the mixed solution was added to the dispersing agent to form a co-precipitated product obtained after washing, drying forming, at the 850 ℃ calcined under an air atmosphere for 1 to 2 hours. Wherein the CO2 absorber may be used in the CO2 removal from flue gas at atmospheric or pressurized conditions. CO2 absorbent composite of the present invention as compared to conventional absorbers, greatly increasing its circulation carbonation properties, mechanical strength and anti-sintering ability to capture CO2 in the course of the cycle, the cycle calcination / carbonation reaction maintained high CO2 capture efficiency, thereby reducing the consumption of doses CO2 removal process and improve the economics of the process.

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DOI: B01D53 / 81 (2006.01) I; B01D53 / 62 (2006.01) I