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Patent ID: CN201010117856.9

Traveling-wave electromagnetic cone concentrator

Description: A traveling-wave electromagnetic cone concentrator, including racks, feed hopper, tailings and concentrate Doo Doo bottom feed hopper has a sub-cone, riving cone conical linear motor mounted on the open end, conical recess linear motors embedded electromagnetic coil disposed in the upper portion of the concentrate bucket set at the upper end of the outlet cone linear motors, linear motors conical lower end of the exit of the installation of sub-ore cone, the inner sub-ore cone centered cone tailings bucket-shaped outer cone sub-ore concentrate to the lower part of the bucket.Tapered lines of the invention electromagnetic wave concentrator, simple structure, no moving parts, maintenance is very convenient, it can continuously magnetic and non-magnetic mineral material sorting and row of ore, while the regulator or by electromagnetic frequency technology, adjustable size and magnetic field strength curve velocity to achieve different magnetic minerals, different sorting speed sorting operations.

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DOI: B03C1 / 24 (2006.01) I