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Patent ID: CN201010122146.5

Grinding rolls, disc wear pink cored wire and cladding method for

Description: A mill rolls, disc wear pink cored wire and cladding method, belonging wearable art material preparation. Cored wire wt: Mo powder:. 1-2wt%, Ti powder:. 6-20wt%, C powder:. 1.5-5wt%, NbC powder:. 2-5wt%, VC powder: 0-2wt. %, Al powder:. 0.3-0.5wt%, WC powder: margin. Cladding method includes preparing and metal ceramic cladding cored wire preparation grinding roller and composite disc.Advantageously, the hardness of metal-ceramic composite cladding formed by the roller or disc hit the bottom surface of 1000-1600HV, thickness of 5-20mm, the composite mill roller or disc long life, the process is relatively simple, and can make the roller or disc in high efficiency long-running interval.

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DOI: B23K35 / 40 (2006.01) I; B23K9 / 04 (2006.01) I