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Patent ID: CN201010140848.6

One kind predistorter effective order estimator

Description: An efficient order of pre-distortion estimator, comprising: a conversion unit for receiving polynomial predistorter, the polynomial is converted to a matrix, said matrix obtained from the pre-distortion pre-distortion function K composed; K represents the said maximum order of the polynomial; decomposition unit for the predistortion matrix singular value decomposition to obtain a singular value matrix; approximation unit for the singular value matrix to obtain a matrix of the effective rank of the pre-distortion, The pre-distortion matrix rank effectively for effective order of the polynomial, the predistortion matrix rank is effective approximation of the predistortion matrix approximation can achieve the effect of pre-distortion approximation predetermined minimum rank matrix, the approximation predistortion matrix is ​​the predistortion matrix approximation matrix. The present invention assurance predistortion performance while reducing the complexity of power amplifiers based on polynomial predistorter, thereby ensuring the predistortion has better convergence and stability.

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DOI: H03F1 / 32 (2006.01) I