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Patent ID: CN201010149022.6

Chinese medicine composition and preparation methods of prevention and treatment of viral diseases in poultry

Description: A method of preventing and treating viral diseases in poultry medicine composition and preparation methods, characterized in that: the herbal composition comprising by weight ratio of raw materials: where: 5 to 22 parts honeysuckle, Radix 5 to 25 parts, Dandelion 4 to 18 parts, berberine 4 to 12 parts, light bamboo 4 to 15 parts, 4 to 20 parts Andrographis, Scrophulariaceae 3 to 19 parts, habitat from 5 to 14 parts, 3 to 15 parts ephedra, licorice 5 to 13 parts. The present invention is patented herbal composition compared to the prior art has a natural green, efficient, improve immunity advantage, through the "righting evil" to adjust the body's imbalances, promote growth, to tackling the problem of the effect.

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DOI: A61P31 / 12 (2006.01) I; A61P37 / 04 (2006.01) I