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Patent ID: CN201010174003.9

In oxyfuel combustion flue gas CO2 capture SO2 and NO centralized recovery system

Description: A oxyfuel boiler flue gas CO2 capture SO2 and NO centralized system recovery boiler flue gas treatment equipment belonging. First, boiler flue gas discharged from the boiler feed water for heating, the flue gas is cooled and pressurized to 30 ℃, boosted in the flue gas SO2, NO, O2, and H2O the reaction occurs in the first contact column, SO2 is completely SO3 oxidation generates sulfuric acid; pressor response after the flue gas continue, NO is oxidized to NO2 in the second column of contacts and reacts with the water to form a dilute nitric acid to achieve the recovery of SO2 and NO. The system without adding a catalyst, sulfur oxide removal rate is close to 100% or more, the removal rate of 90% of nitrogen oxides; the system reduces the residual oxygen and water content and increase the purity of the CO2, to reduce CO2 compression power consumption power and dehydration consumption, eliminating the need for low NOX burner, desulfurization and denitrification equipment, cooling the flue gas with heat, compression generates heat and contact with the tower in the heat of reaction is heated boiler feed water, can improve energy efficiency.

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