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Patent ID: CN201010193906.1

A method of preparing a capillary probe array biochip for analysis

Description: A method of preparing a biochip analysis for capillary probe array involving biochips. The solution was introduced into the capillary tube; the reservoir with the mineral oil or other non-water-miscible organic solvents, and the sump or the probe solution as a small test tube for the liquid arranged at intervals, by replacing the liquid supply capillary inlet, the capillary to achieve "Mineral oil - probe solution - Mineral Oil - probe solution - Mineral oil -..." droplets sequence, wherein the mineral oil as a carrier, as a probe solution in the carrier liquid droplets flowing; the a probe sequence of droplets flowing in the capillary tube to a predetermined position after stopping the flow, the droplets spontaneously probe or optical, electrical and magnetic external initiator by reaction or adsorption to the capillary wall is fixed, the fixed After completion of the reaction, the mineral oil or other non-discharged water-miscible organic solvent and the probe droplets were then washed with buffer to complete the procedure.

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DOI: G01N33 / 53 (2006.01) I; G01N33 / 68 (2006.01) I