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Patent ID: CN201010219715.8

Using the system as a high concentration of CO2 flue gas drying medium in pulverized coal boilers

Description: A system using a high concentration in the boiler flue gas CO2 as pulverized coal drying medium energy applications belonging to the technical field of CO2 capture technology and. The technology uses water removal and heated to a certain temperature, containing more than 95% CO2 in the flue gas as the drying medium milled pulverized. Due to the drying medium is very little oxygen content of inert gas, thus overcoming the hot air as the drying medium explosive pulverizing system problems and improve the security of the milling system operation. At the same time due to the initial temperature of the drying medium can greatly improve the hotter air temperature, thereby enabling the mill power consumption down, coal fineness improved combustion efficiency, while making the exhaust temperature is reduced, the boiler thermal efficiency.

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DOI: F26B21 / 14 (2006.01) I