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Patent ID: CN201010227864.9

Adjustable pressure means a large-diameter flat optics for polishing

Description: An adjustable pressure means for the large-diameter polishing planar optical elements, to a pressure device. Providing a polishing surface of a workpiece for regulating the pressure suffered during processing, not only can improve the quality and control of the material removal rate of polishing the workpiece, and a simple and practical construction of the adjustable pressure device used for large diameter polished planar optical element . Has a mass and fixture plates. Mass as a pressure source; jig tablet features a strut, base and adsorption archetypes, pickets used to load mass, the lower dock connector adsorption fundamental mode, in which the adsorption of the fundamental mode has a substrate and a thin film, the base by adsorption of the fundamental mode film adsorbed on the surface, so that the entire device is fixed in the corresponding parts of the workpiece.

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DOI: B24B13 / 00 (2006.01) I