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Patent ID: CN201010235979.2

One method of synthesis of NaA zeolite membranes on a macroporous carrier

Description: A synthesis of macroporous carrier NaA zeolite membranes, which belongs to the technical field of chemical separation.Characterized for the domestic market to provide a variety of materials macroporous carrier, through hot dipping method - rub coating on the carrier surface coated with a continuous and uniform seed layer, and through different seed grain size regulation synthesis, growth and membrane separation performance of the membrane; NaA Zeolite membranes are in accordance with Na2O:SiO2:Al2O3:H2O = 1 ~ 20:2 ~ 5:1:100 ~ 1000 molar ratio formulated into synthetic fluid, dynamic water in a rotary oven thermal crystallization separation of high performance synthetic NaA zeolite membranes. Effects and benefits of the present invention is synthesized NaA zeolite membrane separation performance, high repeatability, for large-scale applications, an important industrial application.

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