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Patent ID: CN201010248404.4

Circuit switching stage adaptive dead time control

Description: A method for reducing the switching power converter with synchronous rectification switching losses in the adaptive dead-time control switch stage circuit, the circuit level by changing the high-side switch control dead and low-side synchronous rectifier tube between open Time to make the switching power supply switching losses are minimized. The control circuit includes a high-side and low-side synchronous rectifier tube, by an external control signal to control the high-side and low-side synchronous rectifier tube on and off and to set the duty cycle of the output waveform at the switching node, the said switching stage circuit further comprises: a sampling circuit section for sensing the dead time caused due to body diode conduction time synchronous rectifier, and the signal is converted into a voltage value of the sampling capacitor; regulating circuit section for the first sampled voltage circuit portion and the modulation buffer and by controlling the adjustable delay unit, adaptive dead time of the duty cycle thereafter. The present invention has a simple structure, good performance, a wide range of advantages.

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DOI: H02M3 / 07 (2006.01) I