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Patent ID: CN201010253114.9

An organic light emitting material and preparation method

Description: An organic light emitting material and preparation method, relates to a silicone polymer. An organic light emitting material and preparation method. The composition of raw materials for organic light-emitting materials and metal organic Polycarbosilane. The polydimethylsiloxane placed in a reaction kettle, heating under argon, and charged with argon, after the temperature inside the reactor to be naturally returned to room temperature, hexane was added to dissolve the product, filtered under vacuum to remove n-hexyl alkyl to give a polycarbosilane, after grinding soaked in ethanol, after drying in vacuo was rinsed with ethanol and insoluble matter; the polycarbosilane powder and metal powder is poured into a three-necked flask organics, under an argon atmosphere, heated to 150 ~ 160 ℃, heat 1 ~ 1.5h, then heated to 260 ~ 270 ℃ incubated 1 ~ 1.5h, after the completion of the reaction product is cooled, dissolved with dry n-hexane and the product was suction filtered to remove insoluble materials, and finally by distillation under reduced pressure to give powdered solid organic light-emitting materials.

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DOI: C09K11 / 06 (2006.01) I; C08G77 / 60 (2006.01) I