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Patent ID: CN201010259180.7

An advanced treatment of leachate water denitrification agents and methods for preparing and using

Description: An advanced treatment of leachate water denitrification and its preparation and use for agents involved in denitrification treatment method for advanced treatment of leachate water.First Cement: magnesium oxide: sodium: sodium silicate = 10 ~ 3:1:1:1 mass infer taken and mixed to form a composite material, and the composite material: water = 1 ~ 1 ~ 3:1 mixing the mixture was allowed to stand 3d 3h, the precipitate was dried to prepare a 10 to 60 mesh granular denitrification agent. Fill the bottom of the column denitrification agent gravel layer, forming a permeable reactive column, then continued spraying water leachate at its top end, control water load of 0.9 ~ 1.2mL · g-1 · d-1 effluent nitrogen and ammonia concentration in the influent 30d can reach an emission standard GB16889-2008 (total nitrogen concentration ≤40mg / L, ammonia concentration ≤25mg / L), and finally by high temperature burning denitrification agent 1h regeneration. Sources of raw materials denitrification agent widely present invention, the low cost, simple production process, low capital and operating costs, easy operation and maintenance, resistance to shock loading, and can be widely used for advanced treatment of leachate water.

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DOI: C02F1 / 58 (2006.01) I; C02F9 / 14 (2006.01) I