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Patent ID: CN201010264896.6

An integrated method to identify the transition from traditional networks to the Internet

Description: A transition from the traditional method of integration of the Internet to identify the network, by introducing extended access switch router Ex-ASR, traditional Internet users do not upgrade which can communicate with the user to identify the network integration. When users communicate traditional network user identity and integration within the network, the packet is sent to the extended access switch router and access ID and IP address of the packet is replaced within the exchange routing identifier identifies the network in an integrated within the core network transmission; peer access switch router will exchange routing logo replaced the access ID and IP address of the packet is forwarded to the destination node. The present invention proposes a solution to the existing traditional method of identifying the Internet network interconnection and integration problems, in the traditional Internet user can identify the network completely unaffected by the integration of the independent operation of the normal beneficial integration further deployment of identity networks.

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DOI: H04L12 / 46 (2006.01) I; H04L29 / 06 (2006.01) I