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Patent ID: CN201010300623.2

A method in an alcohol solvent to prepare an aryl group substituted heteroaromatic ring compound

Description: The method of a heteroaromatic ring compound in an alcohol solvent to prepare a substituted aryl group, which belongs to the technical field of chemical catalysis. This method is a method for the preparation of heteroaromatic ring compound substituted by an aryl ring halogenated heteroaromatic compound with an aryl boronic acid in the Suzuki cross-coupling reaction. It is the halogenated heteroaromatic ring compounds, aryl boronic acid, a base and a catalyst at a molar ratio of 0.0025 was added 0.5:0.75:1.0:0.00025 ~ 2 ~ 4mL ethylene glycol or diethylene glycol in the polyethylene, in the air at 80 ° C and reacted for 5 ~ 300 minutes, a saturated brine was added after completion of the reaction, the reaction product was extracted with ethyl acetate, the combined organic phase was dried over anhydrous Na2SO4, filtered, and the filtrate was concentrated and purified by column chromatography to give analytically pure heteroaromatic ring compounds substituted with an aryl group. Features of this method is without adding ligand, phase transfer agent or accelerator, without the protection of an inert gas, environmentally friendly, low-palladium catalyst, the reaction fast, high yield, product separation simple.

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