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Patent ID: CN201010515089.7

A three-axis rotating work platform for testing optical components

Description: A working platform for the three-axis rotation detection optical element, the optical element relates to a detection tool. To provide a three-axis rotation, with the coordinate measuring machine to achieve accurate measurements of optical components for optical elements shaped face detection triaxial rotating work platforms.Has a table, pedestal, table and bench reclining mechanism fastening mechanism. To work on the groove lower surface is mounted on the base; equipped with the seat recess grooves; table reclining mechanism is provided with six bolts, the fastening means is provided with the link table, the link springs, the lateral fastening screw, the longitudinal fastening screws, fastening wedges and bezel; rod passes through the center hole of the table, the lower end of the connecting rod is connected to the base by a spring, the upper end of the connecting rod is provided with fastening wedges; two lateral fastening screws a wedge provided on the fastening-side end; longitudinal baffle interposed rotated into the fastening screw provided in the screw fastening the top of the wedge, the longitudinal direction by the rotation of the fastening screw can lock the table.

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