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Patent ID: CN201010516375.5

Efficient multi-antenna detection method for long-term evolution of the program

Description: An efficient multi-antenna detection method for the long-term evolution of the program, can adapt to a variety of application scenarios LTETDD system, there is robust for high-order modulation can be obtained with low complexity approximate optimal performance, and does not require the channel matrix QR decomposition. The process according to the data size of the received SNR of the data arrangement of the detection order, to ensure that the first data to be detected with a higher signal to noise ratio, using MMSE criterion selected first candidate symbol value to be detected data symbols, using a simple The second method to obtain a hard decision to be detected data symbols candidate symbol values, and then the best candidate symbol vectors bit-flipping, increase the value of the candidate symbol bit soft for calculating the amount of the final use of the Euclidean distance metric instead of the original square in Europe Euclidean distance metric to obtain a precise amount of the soft bits to the post-stage Turbo decoder for decoding.

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DOI: H04B7 / 08 (2006.01) I; H04B7 / 04 (2006.01) I