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Patent ID: CN201010538200.4

Read auxiliary device

Description: A reading auxiliary device, make it easier to read paper books, including: activities on the base plate and fixed reading window, when used books are fixed between the floor and reading window; said reading window including window frames and lenses, lenses for transparent glass, the user read the contents of the books through the lens, and the lens is mounted on the frame formed by opaque material among the internal frame around the lens is set at a plurality of LED bulbs, and LED bulbs issued light transmission through the transparent lens outward at the top to form a uniform soft light readings, the user can clearly see the contents recorded on the books, play a protective role of the reader vision when used in darker environments. The lens is a convex lens can be set according to need, which can enlarge the font size on the books, so that the reader is more convenient to read books on the font or graphic.

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DOI: A47B23 / 06 (2006.01) I