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Patent ID: CN201010559301.X

Weight vectors for data streams sorting buffer

Description: A consolidation buffer for re-vector data stream, comprising: a buffer storage medium for temporarily from the DMA bus and to write data or the vector memory VM is read from the temporary memory of the VM and to the vector written by DMA to the data bus of the other spaces; the control register, the DMA is configured at the start of a bus transfer; status bit, the recording buffer memory bank is mapped to each row of the vector memory VM which line, and the recording of the line is valid; master logic unit for overall control of the bus during DMA data transfer, the main control unit selects according to the control register is logically different buffer position, a corresponding data conversion, and the data transfer is completed to select whether aside buffer write or update processing. The invention has simple structure, low cost, wide application range, good reliability advantages.

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DOI: G06F13 / 28 (2006.01) I