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Patent ID: CN201010602305.1

In the transport of oxygen active particles injected into the pipeline processing method for ship ballast water

Description: An oxygen-active particles injected into the ballast water treatment method in the transport pipeline belonging to the field of plasma physics and applied technology of marine environmental protection. Its features are: oxygen in a strong ionizing electric field ionization, dissociation formation of reactive oxygen species [O2 +, O (1D), O (3P), O3], the concentration of 100mg / L ~ 400mg / L; reactive oxygen species and ballast Water produced by the reaction rate constant of the reaction was 2.2 × 106L / mol · s to HO2- initiator concentration reached 40mg / L ~ 300mg / L; reactive oxygen species in HO2- initiator under the ballast water produced by the reaction of hydroxyl radicals (· OH), its concentration of 0.4mg / L ~ 160mg / L, lethal ballast water of aquatic organisms and pathogens efficiency reached 96% ~ 100%; the effectiveness and benefits of the present invention is to solve the problem of ballast water treatment to achieve a simple, efficient, without a catalyst, absorbents and a reducing agent, and do not have any negative impact on the environment governance ballast water treatment.

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DOI: B63J4 / 00 (2006.01) I; C02F1 / 50 (2006.01) I