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Patent ID: CN201010604153.9

A nucleic acid amplification device within the microfluidic chip

Description: A micro-fluidic chip in the nucleic acid amplification apparatus, relates to a nucleic acid amplification apparatus.Provide a way to achieve rapid temperature cycling, to shorten the time required for the amplification process, precise control of temperature, can improve the amplification efficiency, reduce the consumption of reagents and samples, reducing interference and cross-contamination in the microfluidic chip Apparatus and method for nucleic acid amplification. Device has a microfluidic chip, stepper motor, turntable, thermostats and are distributed on the circumference of the turntable same radius of at least two test tubes; turntable and stepper motor output shaft, each tube fixed on the turntable, each tube has a heating element and internal temperature probe, thermostat located in the outer tube, a heating element and temperature probe are connected with the thermostat, microfluidic chips microchannel inlet end into a test tube. The device can be used in a microfluidic chip nucleic acid amplification.

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DOI: C12N15 / 10 (2006.01) I; C12Q1 / 68 (2006.01) I