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Patent ID: CN201010614914.9

A motion of the slide surface on the control method for

Description: A motion control method of a slider on the surface, to a slide movement mechanism. To provide a low cost, simple control, motion slider control method can be realized on the surface for precise movement and positioning. First set up an array of electromagnets and solenoids array drive control circuit, and then prepare a control program, turn on the power, the microcontroller, the microcontroller issue control instructions to each electromagnet, electromagnets turn off according to the set procedures, in accordance with each electromagnet pass breaking the order and motion slider pull, can accurately move the slider movement, stop and reset, enabling the movement of the slider track surfaces for precise control. The complex three-dimensional space curve motion is converted to a two-dimensional plane curve control on-off control; breaking the traditional motor-driven slide movement, the use of the intangible tangible pole motion control slider movement; can take advantage of the same polarity magnetic poles repel , the characteristics of different polarity attraction to achieve precise control position of the slider after resting.

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DOI: G05D1 / 10 (2006.01) I