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Patent ID: CN201010618509.4

A gripper device for shampooing machine

Description: A gripper device for shampooing machine involves shampooing machine. Simply provide a structure can be precisely controlled gripper run for the position and intensity of the gripper means massage shampoo machines. With a guide rail brackets, rails, rail motor, rail drive mechanism, at least one set of the gripper mechanism and a control circuit; pivotally connected to the rail with the rail bracket; pinion gear transmission mechanism and the guide rail motor output shaft, the driven gear and the guide rail linkage connection; gripper seat motor gripper mechanism, gripper seat drive mechanism, gripper arm and gripper arm servos are located in the gripper seat, pressure sensors located in the front end of the gripper arm; gripper seat drive mechanism for the roller assembly of the wheel assembly is provided with driving guide wheel and guide wheel driven, proactive guide pulley and driven pulley gripping the rail and the rail rolling complexes; gripper arm is pivotally connected to the shaft and the gripper seat, gripper arm steering gear shaft and output shaft connected to the gripper arm.

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DOI: A45D19 / 00 (2006.01) I