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Patent ID: CN201110009342.6

Preparation for the adsorption of sulfur dioxide ultrafine modified activated carbon fibers

Description: A modified activated carbon for the adsorption of sulfur dioxide ultrafine fiber preparation method, which belongs to the field of gas adsorption and separation technology. In this method, dilute nitric acid oxidation process by viscose-based activated carbon fiber matrix, Tris, alanine, serine, and arginine as modifier, under certain conditions by the hydrothermal reaction, the successful preparation a large number of amino-modified surface chemical modification of activated carbon fibers. Compared with the prior art has the following advantages: (1) with a small molecule modifiers surface chemical modification, maintaining the structure of the advantages of high specific surface of activated carbon fibers, microporous, it simultaneously has extensive pore structure and high active reaction surface may exhibit a longer time and greater penetration adsorption capacity; (2) a modified method of mild conditions, pollution, energy saving, easy to zoom in production; and (3) increase the adsorption capacity of the modified to 40-60mgSO2 / g sorbent, compared to the previous modified to improve the 4-6 times.

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DOI: B01J20 / 30 (2006.01) I; B01D53 / 02 (2006.01) I