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Patent ID: CN201110024312.2

Fish behavior multifunction device

Description: A fish multifunction device behavior, including a circular tank, round tank interior is divided into a plurality of lanes, round bottom of the tank has a water hole, circular pipes erected on the inner wall of the circular tank, intake and circulating annular pipe variable-speed pump outlet pipe communicating the annular pipe outlet communicating with the outside box vertical pipes, opened a plurality of annular outlet pipes, each outlet has a branch outlet external uniform wall outlet opened branch there cooperating with each lane a plurality of transversely aligned holes, the upper edge of the opening of each of the removable annular partition a plurality of discharge ports cam mounted on the annular pipe with a lamp to provide uniform illumination. Fish present invention provides a multi-functional behavioral science unit, to meet the needs of a variety of fish behavior studies, carried out a variety of behavioral science experiment, adapt to different sizes of fish, to achieve the water from the circulation, saving manpower and financial resources, the overall use high efficiency.

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DOI: A01K61 / 00 (2006.01) I