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Patent ID: CN201110056750.7

Fish head soup noodle processing methods

Description: One kind of fish head soup noodle processing method for the fresh fish head were treated with boiling water and basic cooking in boiling water deodorization, respectively, with drinking water and processing of drinking water with pressure boiling acid to dissolve and dissolution of umami substances, Then after two boiled fish skull residue after drying, crushing to refine, and finally the melting and refining of soup and flour made from wheat flour is added according to the ratio of noodles. The head of the present invention is a method of utilization reached 100%, noodles made of good flavor, high in calcium, calcium is a new food. This method is in full compliance with the relevant standards of food quality and safety, processing costs reasonable, the product has good market prospects.

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DOI: A23L1 / 30 (2006.01) I; A23L1 / 325 (2006.01) I