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Patent ID: CN201110062338.6

One kind of organic two-stage device and method for integrated drying and gasification

Description: One kind of organic matter levels and methods of drying and gasification device integration, including the gasification unit, two-stage drying apparatus, gas purification equipment, gas equipment, gas boilers, air preheating device. In the two-stage drying process of organic matter, the level of organic material using a high temperature fuel gas generated in the gasification process as the drying medium for the organics were dried and another level of the use of saturated water vapor as the drying medium for the organics were dried.After drying organic matter levels after gasification reaction as a solid fuel. The sensible heat of the combustible gases produced by gasification of a high temperature and self-heating value of the combustible gas as a source of energy levels required for drying. The invention will be a two-stage process of drying and gasification of organic organics combined, can take advantage of the organic matter contained calorific value, zero foreign energy supply and effective solution to the problem of gasification gas purification.

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