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Patent ID: CN201110067584.0

An ordered mesoporous silica hollow spheres preparation

Description: An ordered mesoporous silica hollow spheres preparation.Involving silica hollow spheres, provides a method for preparing mesoporous silica hollow spheres. The silica spheres were added to water to obtain a dispersion of silica balls ultrasound; The resulting dispersion was added to the silica spheres in ethanol solution containing a cationic surface active agent, and then further ammonia was added to the resulting solution, followed by addition of the orthosilicate ethyl After stirring the precipitate was collected by centrifugation; the resulting precipitate was added to water to obtain a dispersion precursor, to the dispersion, adding an alkali source, and stirred etching, the precipitate was collected and washed after the completion of dry etching, to obtain a white powder from White powder removing cationic surfactant that was ordered mesoporous silica hollow spheres. In silica spheres as a template, in the role of surfactant synthesis of core-shell precursor advance; reuse core and shell stability difference base, in an alkaline environment to selectively etch only the kernel, thus Ordered mesoporous silica obtained hollow spheres.

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DOI: C01B33 / 12 (2006.01) I; B01J13 / 02 (2006.01) I