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Patent ID: CN201110068881.7

Ring structure deformation regulation of large diameter vertical cantilever mounting method

Description: A method for civil engineering construction boom mounted on large diameter upright in a ring structure in the open state, in particular, is a closed from the opening to close the installation process utilizing horizontal cables, masts and stayed buckle Cable, jacking open closed mouth closed embedding distortion regulation method of combining segments. The present invention is based on large-diameter vertical stiffness characteristics and the actual structure of the ring structure, in which a ring structure half-ring set level control in the middle region of the cable when installing the deformation on the semi-circle at the outer side of the installation of the mast and stayed buckle cable regulation deformed and folded before the ring, by jacking open restructuring the entire ring deformation and embedding closed sections, can effectively guarantee the ring structure forming roundness. Construction not only save a lot of load-bearing tire rack, measures to reduce the cost of construction, but also through the temporary support structure and the cable preload tension increases the opening upright ring structure stability, effectively ensuring the safety of the installation process of construction sex.

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DOI: E04G21 / 14 (2006.01) I