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Patent ID: CN201110069212.1

An ordered mesoporous aluminosilicate hollow spheres preparation

Description: An ordered mesoporous aluminosilicate hollow spheres preparation. Involving mesoporous materials, to provide a method for preparing mesoporous aluminosilicate Hollow.The silica spheres were added to water, after the ultrasonic dispersion to obtain silica spheres; the cationic surfactant is added to the dispersion of silica balls, and then adding an alkali source and a source of aluminum is etched, the etching is completed the precipitate collected; the resulting The precipitate is dispersed in water to form a dispersion, the dispersion was transferred to a Teflon-lined, the Teflon lined reaction vessel placed in a reactor, the precipitate was collected, washed and dried to obtain a white powder, the cationic surfactant is removed agent that was ordered mesoporous aluminosilicate hollow ball. Using the silica beads as a template base etching through the added synergistic assembled cationic surface active agent is dissolved in the silica spheres, and an aluminum source component, deposited on the surface of the template layer, mesoporous aluminosilicates by "etching - assemble" the process of achieving the preparation of mesoporous aluminosilicate hollow ball.

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DOI: B01J20 / 16 (2006.01) I; B01J20 / 30 (2006.01) I; B01J29 / 06 (2006.01) I