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Patent ID: CN201110074892.6

Plantar pressure measurement method for rehabilitation

Description: Plantar pressure measurement method for rehabilitation treatment, thin film piezoresistive pressure sensor positioned within about two plantar pressure points insole insole three-layer structure, the top and bottom layers are fibrous layers, films piezoresistive pressure sensor is placed close to the bottom is fixed on the thin film piezoresistive type pressure sensor is connected through a flexible fiber fixing the top layer bumps, and the pressure resistance of the signal corresponding to the transmission film piezoresistive-type pressure sensor obtained in the pressure sensor to give about insoles processing the two signals corresponding to the electric resistance of the emitter - voltage conversion, the filtered output corresponding to the two microprocessors were AD conversion, and the combined data is collected legs into data packets sent along to the receiver, the receiver will left foot data to the PC, PC machine is triggered by a timer to read data via USB, the packet unpack, signal processing software and three-dimensional display.

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DOI: A61B5 / 22 (2006.01) I