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Patent ID: CN201110077262.4

Preparation of acetic acid dehydration mordenite membranes for

Description: A process for the dehydration of acetic acid mordenite zeolite membrane is used to mordenite zeolite molecular sieve as the seed crystal, the surface of the porous support tube is introduced directly into a uniform ultra-thin seed layer, and the condition of the fluoride ion in hydrothermal synthesis of crystalline silicon having a different high performance aluminum than mordenite film. Mordenite zeolite membrane process of the invention for separating a high concentration of acetic acid dehydration, the separation factor in the range up to the limit of infinite chromatography, acid resistance and having a long time.

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DOI: B01D67 / 00 (2006.01) I; C07C53 / 08 (2006.01) I; C07C51 / 42 (2006.01) I