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Patent ID: CN201110083062.X

One kind of organic pyrolysis method for preparing activated charcoal

Description: One kind of organic pyrolysis of activated carbon methods, including pyrolysis unit, reformer unit, a drying device, purification devices, storage devices, and high-temperature heat storage combustion device. After the pyrolysis of organic pyrolysis reaction, to produce a combustible gas, tar and char, a combustible gas into the drying device after the reforming apparatus organics were dried and purified through a portion of the combustible gas in a high temperature combustion channels regenerative combustion apparatus in the direction combustion, combustion heat exchanger after passage direction while another portion of the combustible gas combustion device through regenerative heat exchanger, as pyrolysis activation medium into the pyrolysis unit pyrolysis and activation reactions. During pyrolysis coke activated charcoal to form a combustible gas.Combustible gases generated in the pyrolysis after drying device, the full release of gas sensible heat; part of the heat of combustion of combustible gases during pyrolysis as a source of energy required, both combustible gas pyrolysis coke generated media is an activator of activated carbon process .

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DOI: C01B31 / 10 (2006.01) I