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Patent ID: CN201110092359.2

An elegant Toki clock Encyrtidae artificial breeding methods

Description: An elegant Toki clock Encyrtidae artificial breeding methods to pumpkin for propagation material, breeding P. nigra as an intermediate host, with P. nigra produce elegant Toki clock Encyrtidae, as an intermediate host of scale insects inoculated on the pumpkin, Under natural conditions in the indoor cultivation of 35 to 50 days for the vaccination of parasitic wasps; male and female bee 2 ~ 4︰1 proportional control, fed with 10% honey water, the proportion of females with P. nigra control in 1︰5,1 ~ 3 days out pumpkin propagation material, change into another intermediate hosts attached propagation material pumpkin seeded 1 to 3 days, and then the order of 1 to 2 after vaccination discarded Encyrtidae pumpkin seed source, put the pumpkin propagation material removed Under natural conditions, indoor cultivation, cut with a razor blade in the middle has been parasitized host pupae collected scale insects, to be collected by a bee pupae; The present invention can achieve mass production elegant Toki clock Encyrtidae, and can effectively solve the reproductive efficiency Low, biological control of supply and demand is not timely issue.

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DOI: A01K67 / 033 (2006.01) I